Welcome to the online home of GAMLIT

We are an international and multidisciplinary network of researchers working with GAMing and LITeracies. Our goal is to promote high-quality research through open discussion, cross-disciplinary collaboration, and the dissemination of the work of the members.
Research perspectives include:

  • Using, designing and analysing games in order to develop literacies at school
  • Learning language through games – both inside and outside school contexts
  • Understanding the multimodal literacies of video games and gaming practices
  • Describing the ecology of paratexts around games – e.g. game journalism or fan fiction
  • Mapping the language and dialogue involved in gaming
  • Defining the characteristics of game literacy
  • Encouraging inclusion of students through game-related literacy practices
  • Studying relations between games, literacy and 21st century skills
  • Developing new methodologies for studying games and literacy

The main activities of GAMLIT involve meeting together at internationally oriented conferences, seminars and workshops; sharing research through our Google Group, and creating opportunities for publishing.

If you are a researcher working with games and literacies and wish to be part of the research network, please contact the network coordinators.