The main activities of GAMLIT involve

  • Bringing researchers together at conferences, seminars, symposia etc. in order to present and discuss research relating to games and literacy
  • Communicate online in order to share ideas, research and conference calls in the GAMLIT Google Group
  • Create common possibilities for publication of research on games relating to relevant fields such as literacy education, language learning and game studies.

Research meetings
The members of GAMLIT aim to meet, present and discuss research on games and literacies at research conferences such as:

  • AERA (American Educational Research Association)
  • ARLE (International Association for Research in L1 Education)
  • CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning)
  • CLS (Connected Learning Summit)
  • DIGRA (Digital Games Research Association)
  • Designs for Learning
  • ECGBL (European Conference on Game-Based Learning)
  • European Conference on Literacy
  • LRA (Literacy Research Association)
  • NNMF (Nordic Network of Mother Tongue Didactic Research)
  • UKLA (United Kingdom Literacy Association)

The GAMLIT members aim to publish high-quality research through peer-reviewed journals, conference proceedings and research anthologies. The members are ancouraged to share ideas and possibilities for research publications.

Online discussion
The GAMLIT members are encouraged to share relevant calls, news and activities through the GAMLIT Google Group and mailing list.